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Veronica (Roni) M. Glass

Deputy Director, Continuity Division
Office of Operations Coordination
Department of Homeland Security


Veronica M. Glass (fondly known as “Roni”) started her public and professional service working for legacy U.S. Customs Service24 years ago before it was bridged with the Department of Homeland Security and became Customs and Border Protection. Her body of work of 33 years in public service has exposed her to vast opportunities at all levels of management. Her experience with the changing world of IT afforded her the unique opportunity to be asked to help revitalize the CBP Continuity Program.  Previously she was the owner and Program Manager for the Headquarters Customs and Border Protection Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program within the National Capital Region (NCR). Ms. Glass coordinated and had complete COOP oversight and responsibility not only for CBP Headquarters, but CBP field locations. Recently, Ms Glass was selected for a Department level position as Chief, DHS Headquarters Section, Mission Assurance Branch, Continuity Division for the Department of Homeland Security.

At the Departmental-level Ms. Glass is responsible for department-wide coordination / integration of COOP policy and plans on all levels of contingency planning surrounding potential threat conditions.  Ms. Glass has daily COOP programmatic oversightfor at least 26 components.  She has been working in the Emergency Management field for the last nine years and has taken every opportunity with the new challenges to become as informed and trained on continuity and emergency planning as possible.  Ms. Glass has completed coursework with the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) and is a candidate for certificationas a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP). She has also completed coursework in Information Assurance (IA) and continuity planning at the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Resource Management College (IRMC), Fort McNair.  Ms. Glass is passionate about her challenge of emergency management, working with the people she meets and championing the cause of COOP whenever and wherever she can.

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