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Managing Government Records (RM) Training Workshop XIII

The 2016 deadline has passed — what is your agency's status?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Online registration is now closed. On site registration will be available at the Willard outside of the Peacock Room.

Guest Speakers


Laurence Brewer
Chief Records Officer of the United States
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)


Lisa Haralampus

Director, Records Management Policy and Outreach
Office of the Chief Records Officer
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)


Catherine Findlay

Records Manager, IOAp ERMs ERMp ECMs ECMp

Office of Inspector General, Department of Commerce (OIG, DOC)


Matthew Olsen

Acting Chief Privacy and Data Sharing Officer

Acting Executive Director, Office of Privacy & Information Management (PIM)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


Mark Patrick

Chief, Information Management Division, The Joint Staff Secretariat

Department of Defense (DOD)


Carol Brock, CRM

Public Sector Industry Strategist, OpenText

Former Director of Information Assets, Records Officer, & Deputy Privacy Officer, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)


Mark Mandel, CRM, CIP

ECM/RM Solution Architect

Open Text Public Sector Solutions


Patricia Southerland

Headquarters Records Manager

Information Technology and Communications Division



Elina Tsaturayn

Management Analyst, Infrastructure Operations' Records and Privacy Office

Government Accountability Office (GAO)



Thursday, March 2, 2017

Meeting Location: 
Willard InterContinental Hotel

Willard Intercontinental Hotel
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington 20004
United States

Metro Center (Red, Orange, Blue Lines). Use the exit marked “12th & F Sts” to exit onto F St., then continue straight two blocks and cross 14th St.


With the current headlines regarding government email retention and e-discovery, it is important to understand how the deadlines will impact your agency. This one-day Potomac Forum Workshop will focus on the activities mandated by the NARA/OMB Records Management Directive. Key executives from NARA and government agencies will discuss the directive and its implementation. Detailed review and analysis of the directive will be presented to help agencies better understand what they need to do, how to do it, and how to get the funding necessary to be successful.


Goals of this workshop are:

  • Focus on email retention regulation and policy and email best practices
  • Provide attendees with a clear idea of the changes envisioned in the Directive,
  • Strategies to obtain funding for solutions
  • Help understand the role of the Senior Agency Official (SAO) in setting agency priorities and achieving program success
  • Describe the developing roadmap that will lead to realizing these changes, and
  • Describe the steps individual records managers can do now to align their work with the records management future the Directive envisions.
  • Current email policy and regulations.
What You Will Learn: 

  • What happens now that the 2016 deadline has passed
  • What needs to be done to comply with the provisions of OMB M-12-18
  • How the relationship between NARA and Federal agencies have and will change
  • How the role of technology will evolve in the achievement of OMB M-12-18’s goals
  • What this initiative will mean for Federal records management in the short and long term
  • What the components of a sustainable Records Management program will be in this new environment
  • A better idea of the commitment of time and resources needed to comply with the Directive
  • How the Senior Agency Officials can and are making a difference in improving the management of government records
  • NARA Requirements for managing email – lessons learned from recent IRS news event - Complying with the Law - the Federal Records Act and what it means for email and other records losses  
  • Newly Added:  The November 2014 Records Management Legislation and what it means to Agencies and Records Managers
  • and more...
Why You Should Attend: 

  • To gain a clear understanding of OMB M-12-18
  • To assist you in getting the best start on the many changes OMB M-12-18 will bring to your agency
  • To learn key funding strategies to help your agency implement solutions to meet its objectives
  • Hear from other government officials about the practical aspects of complying with the Directive
  • Ensure success of your Records Management Program as you implement the Directive
  • Lessons Learned since the publication of the Directive
  • Understand the NARA requirements for email management – avoiding embarrassing non-conformance
  • Understand email retention regulation, policy, and legislation.
Who Should Attend: 

  • CIOs and the Staff including technical staff involved with Records Management
  • Senior Agency Officials (SAOs) charged with responsibility for the implementation of solutions for their agency
  • IGs and Staff
  • Government Records Managers
  • All those with responsibility for initiating and carrying out the reforms mentioned in the President’s Records Management Directive
  • Professionals responsible for managing information resources on an enterprise-wide basis
  • Those needing to understand latest NARA policy and guidance
  • Contracting, Procurement and Acquisition Management Professionals
  • Program Managers Who Must Understand Records Management in Government
  • Government executives who want to understand email retention and records management regulation, policy, and legislation.
  • Industry Partners

This workshop will combine keynote presentations by NARA, lectures on implementing the Directive, real world examples and discussions to provide a thorough, enjoyable day of learning.



Registration and Continental Breakfast


Welcome and Logistics for the Day


Art Chantker

President, Potomac Forum


Keynote Presentations:

NARA Perspectives on Records Management for the Next Year and Meeting the Mandates


Laurence Brewer

Chief Records Officer of the United States

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)


Lisa Haralampus

Director, Records Management Policy and Outreach

Office of the Chief Records Officer

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

10:30am Refreshment Break

Holistic Records Management


Mr. Patrick will discuss records management as a subset of a holistic approach to managing all of an organization’s data. Whether electronic, paper, or resident in the minds of its employees, an organization’s business information must be instantaneously accessible so senior leaders can make data-driven decisions at the speed their jobs require. This is a journey of many steps - some involving people, process, and technology.


Comparisons will be drawn between the DoD Joint Staff’s journey and your own organizations’ making this a highly impactful session for information, records, knowledge, IT, and legal professionals alike.


Mark Patrick

Chief, Information Management Division, The Joint Staff Secretariat, Department of Defense


Hosted Working Luncheon with Report Out


Attendees will be asked to discuss a specific Records Management Topic related to OMB M-12-18. A luncheon table representative will be asked to summarize the discussion and "Report Out" to the workshop attendees.


Report Out from Luncheon Assignment and Class Discussion


The designated "Report Out" representatives will brief the results of the working lunch discussion and the class will discuss with assistance of the instructor.


Lessons Learned and Best Practices Panel

  • Lessons learned from recent headlines
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Key experiences from agency records officers
  • What is working, what is not



Mark Mandel, CRM, CIP

ECM/RM Solution Architect, OpenText Public Sector Solutions



Catherine Findlay

Records Manager, IOAp ERMs ERMp ECMs ECMp



Matthew Olsen

Acting Chief Privacy and Data Sharing Officer, Acting Executive Director, Office of Privacy & Information Management (PIM), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


Patricia Southerland

Headquarters Records Manager, Information Technology and Communications Division, NASA


Elina Tsaturyan

Infrastructure Operations' Records and Privacy Office, Government Accountability Office (GAO)

2:45pm Refreshment Break

Case Study: M-12-18 Implementation, US Department of Interior

  • How the Department of Interior manages email and other records for 90,000 users
  • Cloud deployment with Google Docs


Carol Brock, CRM

Public Sector Industry Strategist, OpenText

Former Director of Information Assets, Records Officer, & Deputy Privacy Officer, U.S. Government Accountability Office


How to Meet the Objectives of M-12-18 to Support the Mission and Save Money

  • This session illustrates how agency top priorities are impacted by an effective approach to managing information.
  • Best practices for addressing enterprise deployment of records management for email and other content is addressed, highlighting mistakes to avoid in order to reduce rework.
  • Significant cost savings and efficiencies are realized if the strategy and deployment for M-12-18 are in sync with agency priorities.


Mark Mandel, CRM, CIP

ECM/RM Solution Architect, OpenText Public Sector Solutions

Former Chief Records Officer and Archivist, District of Columbia

4:45pm Wrap-up and Q&A
4:50pm Workshop Adjourns
  Post Workshop Discussions with Instructors on Specific Individual Topics

Agenda subject to change.

Registration Information: 

  Early Bird Registration Fee AFTER Feb 11
Government Employees:
(Federal, State or Local Government Issued ID)

 $ $895 
Special Reduced Rates in Support of Government Budget Reductions

 $ Now $995


Industry and Contractors:
(Including contractors on-site and in direct support of government agencies).
 $ $995
($995 =10% Registration Fee Reduction)
 $ Now $1095


Team Rate:

2nd person (and all other subsequent group members) from same office receives a $200 reduction off their registration.


Registration includes: presentations, workshop notebook, continental breakfast, all day refreshments and hosted luncheon.

Keynote Speaker: 

Laurence Brewer, CRM

Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government

National Archives and Records Administration


As the Chief Records Officer, Mr. Brewer leads records management throughout the Federal Government with an emphasis on electronic records. He provides overall direction and guidance for Federal agencies on all aspects of records and information management. This includes overseeing the scheduling and appraisal of Federal records, the development of records management regulations and guidance, and evaluating the effectiveness of records management programs in Federal agencies. 


Prior to his current appointment, Mr. Brewer held a number of positions in NARA’s records management program, including management positions working directly with Federal agencies to improve records management government-wide. Most recently, he directed the National Records Management Program, coordinating the activities of headquarters and field records management staff in support of NARA’s overall strategic plan.


Prior to joining NARA in 1999, Mr. Brewer was a records management consultant responsible for managing records management programs at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Virginia Department of Transportation.  He has more than 25 years of experience in records and information management and earned his Certified Records Manager (CRM) designation in 1998. Mr. Brewer is also a senior fellow of the Partnership for Public Service’s Excellence in Government Program, which focuses on developing the leadership skills of senior government employees. He holds an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Georgia, and a B.A. in Government from the College of William and Mary.



Lisa Haralampus

Director, Records Management Policy and Outreach
Office of the Chief Records Officer
National Archives and Records Administration


Lisa Haralampus is the Director of the Records Management Policy and Outreach program in the Office of the Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).


The program develops and issues records management policies and guidance to federal agencies. These policies and guidance relate to records management standards, technology, and processes. She is also responsible for overseeing how NARA tracks, implements, and manages the Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18) issued in 2012 by OMB and NARA.


Ms. Haralampus has over 24 years’ experience in federal government records and information programs working at NARA and the U.S. Department of State.  She has experience developing and implementing enterprise-wide information management policies and training.  She also has experience developing and operating multi-million dollar IT systems to maintain and provide access to electronic archives.  


Ms. Haralampus has a master's degree in Library and Information Science (MLS) from the Catholic University of America and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


Guest Speakers: 

Mark Patrick

Chief, Information Management Division
Joint Staff Secretariat
Department of Defense (DOD)


For more than nine years Mark Patrick has overseen the Records Management Program of the Joint Staff and Combatant Commands on behalf of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. His 40-person division manages the official corporate record archive for the “Top Five” of the Joint Staff—the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Assistant to the Chairman, Director and Vice Director. The Information Management Division portfolio includes research for current business, e-discovery, Enterprise Content Management policy, the Freedom of Information Act program, Automatic Declassification, policy and forms program management.

Matthew Olsen

Chief Privacy and Data Sharing Officer

Executive Director, Office of Privacy & Information Management

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Matthew Olsen has held positions across the information management spectrum within the federal government over the last 15 years. His work includes privacy, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and records management. He is currently the Acting Chief Privacy and Data Sharing Officer for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where his emphasis is on maintaining and improving privacy and information management practices across the Department.


Matthew has also held previous positions at the Social Security Administration (SSA), Peace Corps, the Office of Management and Budget, and the National Archives and Records Administration.

Carol A. Brock, CRM

Certified Records Manager
Records Management Strategist
OpenText Public Sector
(Former Director of Information Assets, GAO)


Carol was a member of the core management team steering the U.S. Department of the Interior’s enterprise-wide content management system with auto-categorization serving 98,000 users in all 50 states from a FISMA-moderate cloud in full-compliance with federal regulations and guidance. 


She was the former Director of Information Assets for the U.S. Government Accountability Office. At GAO, she successfully spearheaded a NARA pilot project for simplified records scheduling and implemented an enterprise-wide electronic recordkeeping system for which she earned the National Archivist’s Achievement Award.


She has 20+ years of Federal RM experience as a contractor, consultant, and Federal employee. Carol is also a Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin working on a Ph.D. in Digital Preservation. 


Carol is a founding member of the U.S. Federal Information and Records Management (FIRM) Council and is an active member of ARMA and AIIM.  As a member of AIIM's C-30 Committee, she co-authored the EDM/ERM Integrated Functional Requirements.


Carol is a frequent speaker on the topics of electronic records and document management technologies.  In June 2010, Carol provided invited expert testimony, “Federal Electronic Records Management:  A Status Report” on behalf of ARMA, International before the Subcommittee on Information Policy, Census, and National Archives of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.


Elina Tsaturyan

Management Analyst, Infrastructure Operations' Records and Privacy Office
Government Accountability Office (GAO) 

Elina Tsaturyan is a Management Analyst at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in Washington, DC, where she works in the Infrastructure Operations’ Records and Privacy Office.  Prior to joining GAO in 2014, Elina worked for the U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, and Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland for seven years in various capacities. At GAO, Elina has put to use her love for working with people to use by working to educate staff on GAO’s Records Management and Privacy programs. She is dedicated to promoting records management through customer outreach and unique ideas to get staff to learn about the importance of records management in the federal space.


Elina received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and French with a minor in International Management from Georgian Court University (GCU) in Lakewood, New Jersey in May 2006 and was also the commencement speaker. She returned to GCU the week after graduating with her undergraduate degree to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration, graduating in May 2007. This summer, Elina participated in Maximizing Your Leadership Potential at the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, NC.


Elina is married and has two dogs and three cats. Elina enjoys spending time with family and friends, supporting her favorite sports teams, traveling, baking, interior design, building rustic home décor, and playing with her animals. 

Catherine Findlay

Records Manager

Department of Commerce (DOC) Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Catherine Findlay is the Records Manager for the Department of Commerce (DOC) Office of Inspector General (OIG) in Washington, DC.


Prior to joining DOC OIG in 2016, Catherine has worked as Records Manager for the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB), the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), as well as two DOD task forces; the Defense Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies (DTFSHVMSA) and the Defense Task Force on Sexual Assault in the Military Services (DTFSAMS).


Catherine received her Certificate in Federal Records Management from the National Archives and Records Administration in 2005. She is a co-chair for the CIGIE (Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency) Records Management Group (CRAG) and is a member of the Federal Records Officers Network (FRON). She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Mississippi State University. Her favorite activity, besides Records Management, is cycling on the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) trail.

Patricia Southerland

Records Manager

NASA Headquarters

Patricia Southerland was born and raised in Washington, D.C.; she joined the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1991. Ms. Southerland has a long career in the federal government of more than 40 years. In 2008, Ms. Southerland accepted her position as NASA Headquarters’ Records Manager after supporting various NASA science based missions and receiving numerous awards and recognition for many of her achievements.


Ms. Southerland worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Goddard) in Greenbelt, MD from 1997 to 2008. While at Goddard, she held several positions. Ms. Southerland is involved in various committees and boards. She worked as Procurement Grant Resource Specialist; and also worked within the NASA Life Science Division to support projects related to the NASA Space Station Program. Ms. Southerland also served on peer review panels for life microgravity sciences and applications projects under the direction of NASA’s Life Sciences Division.


Mark Mandel, CRM, CIP, BPMm, ERMm


EIM Architects


Mark Mandel is Principal of EIM Architects, Enterprise Information Management Consulting.  He has 40 years of experience in the information management industry and is a frequent speaker at industry events. Mr. Mandel is past president of the National Capitol Chapter of AIIM and the Northern Virginia Chapter of ARMA, and also served on the Board of Directors of AIIM International.  


Mr. Mandel is the former Chief Records Manager and Archivist for the District of Columbia. Mr. Mandel recently retired from OpenText after six and a half years serving primarily Federal clients, and has worked in the past for Sallie Mae and Unisys, among others.  He is an expert in records management, document management, business process management and FOIA.


Mr. Mandel brings a wealth of real world experience to the records management community, offering best practices for solution architecture, implementation methodology, funding, and change management.


Cancellation Policy: 

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